A Journey To A Balanced Mind, Body, And Soul


About me

                                                                          Welcome to Mind Soul Quest !

 They call me  Jae.  I’m a proud father, husband, and dragon slayer on my  journey through this lovely chaos called life. Meanwhile I search for MY PERFECT BALANCE. My unique path to mental wellness has been shaped by my personal experiences with loss, and addictions….  DRAGONS

 I find serenity in the great outdoors. Planting and nurturing my own food is not just a hobby, but a love that connects me with the earth and sustains  my mind, body and soul. Camping, fishing are my escape from the rat race.

  Through this website, I hope to inspire and guide you on your own mental wellness journey. Together, we can explore ourselves for a healthier, happier life .slaying one dragon at a time. 

Thank you for joining me on this quest, and I look forward to connecting with you as we venture forward together.


Just Jae

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